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Product Category : Wellness Herbs
Brand Name : Sameera Hibiscus Powder 100 Gms


In Ayurveda hibiscus is known as Jaswand or Jabakusum.It is a well known hair conditioner.A mild cleanser which gives hair nourishment too, can also be used with henna powder on hair.Do not get confused with the hardness of the packing.This product comes in a vacuum packing which appears to be hard or wet but once you open the pack you will find the original powder form only.Vacuum packing increases the shelf life of the product by protecting it from external air and temperature. Ingredients: 100% Pure Habiscus Flower Powder Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Directions: Can be used with Henna or can be separately applied on hair.


  • Pleasant aroma
  • Long lasting effect
  • Skin friendly nature
  • Purity