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Product Code :
Product Category : Hair Care Herbs
Brand Name : Orange Red Henna Hair

Orange red henna for hairgives Orange shade to your hair identical to Lucille Ball’s hair color. She applied herbal henna on her hair for many years. Ifyou’ve dark hair the redshade will be darker, if the color of your hairs are brown the orange red henna will be a lot brighter. For normally black hair you can only see a color transform to your white hairs and a bit red tint in the sunshine. Henna or Lawsoniainermis is a flower plant that contains extremelyeffectual coloring pigment, Lawson. A red-orange color release as the plants is crushed. The coloring is maximize by the drying, milling, and sift the henna plants into a well powder. Used since olden times to coloring fingernails, skin, hair, leather, and wool, the henna leaves is native to subtropical and tropical regions in Africa, north Australia, and south Asia.


  • Pleasant aroma
  • Long lasting effect
  • Skin friendly nature
  • Purity