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Product Category : Hair Care Herbs
Brand Name : Jet Black Henna

Jet black henna hair dye is completely plant based and includes no harmful additives or chemicals. We utilize a mixture of two raw ingredients to assist produce a high-quality henna hair dye. Indigo and Henna powder are made from the selective leaves and raw processed, then the mixture of the two powder is cloth sifted so that your blend results in richness and pure smoothness. To further make sure the quality for the consumers, the Jet black henna hair dye are packed into double insulated and air tight bags. This henna hair dye will result in darkest of the blacks, leaving everyone in awe, while also offering the hair with a helpful conditioning treatment. It’s hard to get jet black hair and it is even trickier to maintain it when using the natural hair dyes. This is because unlike the red henna, both henna powder and indigo don’t bind to hair shaft causing the washing out of the black colour shampoo after shampoo. Yet, they’ll never wash out completely, after the first 2-3 shampoos they won’t wash out. Just consider that you’ll have to apply it slightly more often at the start in order to keep your hair colour jet or blue black. Apparently, it’s much easier to dye your hair dark purple, jet black or black blue using the natural hair dyes.


  • Pleasant aroma
  • Long lasting effect
  • Skin friendly nature
  • Purity