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Product Code :
Product Category : Hair Care Herbs
Brand Name : Auburn Henna


Organic Auburn henna dye is the best product to use on your hair or beard if you want a rocking brown colour with a blast of warmth. It is a nice blend of Pure and organic Henna and Medium Brown, perfectly mixed to cast a russet glow with the medium brown foundation on your hair as well as beard. It is filled with the goodness of ingredients like, Natural indigo, red clay, natural henna, Alma gooseberry and shikakai fruit. S M Henna makes Herbal Auburn Henna with a good base for this colour, while indigo and other added herbs taper back the shade of deepest red and leaves a warm and auburn finish. After the use of the Best brand organic Auburn your hair and beard will get a nice texture between earthy brown and ginger. The herbal henna is the biggest exporter and manufacturer of herbal and organic henna in Indian market. They grow in their farms and you can dye your hair & beard with the same packet.


  • Pleasant aroma
  • Long lasting effect
  • Skin friendly nature
  • Purity