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Organic Scope Certificate for 2018-19

Note: Certificate is watermarked with our logo to avoid its possible misuse by fake suppliers.


Henna Dust Collector- Maximum Cleaning

SM Heena Industries has set a unique Dust Collector to reduce impurity level from henna leaves. Leaves cleaning is the most important process to get quality henna powder so it requires maximum efforts to separate impurities like stems, sand, fibers, waste particles, seeds etc from raw henna leaves. Conventional machines are not able to clean […]


Organic Scope Certificate

Dear All, 1st year of our organic scope certificate is about to complete. The certificate is confirmation with NPOP standards. Kindly Note: I have watermarked the certificate with our “SM Heena” logo due to its possible misuse by fake suppliers.


How to make henna paste for hair

We are posting this video as many of henna users ask how to make henna paste for hair. There are lot of misconceptions regarding making henna paste. Making henna paste for hair is not same as making henna paste for body art/tattoo/mehandi on skin. Please watch video to know more about making henna paste for […]


How to apply henna on hair

The video shows how to apply henna on hair, what to do and what not to do while applying henna paste on hair. Its easy, simple and convenient for everyone. Kindly do not dry henna after applying on hair which many persons do. Cover it with plastic shower cap/cling paper/ any plastic at home. Kindly […]